On a perfect day at Dreamtime beach, after watching a young professional surfer side-lined by the relentless agony of surf rash, Rich Porta, former WSL Head Judge identified a glaring gap in the market – the absence of an effective chafe prevention product. Existing solutions either coated the skin with an uncomfortable greasy film, leading to slippery boards, or merely soothed chafed skin after the damage was done.

Determined to bridge this gap and provide surfers with a game-changing solution, Rich rallied a team of trusted confidants to engineer a breakthrough solution. Their mission was twofold: to develop a formula that could withstand the extreme demands of professional surfing; and, grant surfers of all ages the pleasure of extended sessions in the water.

To truly serve surfers however, the product had to meet several other criteria.  The formula needed to be long-lasting and non-greasy, eliminating the age-old struggle of slick boards and bodies. It had to stand up to the heat – capable of enduring the sun's intensity without turning into liquid. And above all, it had to be a testament to the ethos of surfing – leave the ocean as you found it. The product's formulation needed to be reef safe and ocean friendly.

After months of relentless testing across diverse conditions their collective efforts bore fruit – the birth of Chafe Mate. A pre-surf skin wax that not only protected against surf rash but redefined possibilities for surfers.

With the arrival of Chafe Mate, the world of surfing expanded. From walking Kirra to Snapper, to conquering a solid 10-days in the Mentawais – the pleasure of endless surf hours became a tangible reality. Chafe Mate evolved into a liberating secret that unleashed every surfer's boundless potential.

Chafe Mate: A liberating Skin Wax tailored for those who know the agony for surf rash. Embrace the waves without the hesitation.  Get it on ya!