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Chafe Mate is the world's first skin wax originally formulated to withstand the rigour of professional surfing.  Chafe Mate's unique formula is specifically designed to prevent rash caused by spending long periods in water or excessive sweating.   

  • Surf Rash Protection
  • Sports Rash prevention
  • Anti-Chafe Wax
  • Running, hiking, sweating
  • For surfing, water sports, or other prolonged water exposure including sweat
  • Made in Australia
  • Each 25 gm tin contains natural ingredients

Chafe Mate is an all-natural, solid anti-chafe skin wax for athletes creates a protective layer on the skin when applied to rash-prone areas. 

The wax is solid to the touch, but is easy to apply to the skin.  Use the spatula provided (or a fingernail) to scrape a small amount of Chafe Mate from the tin, and rub directly into the desired area. Remember, Chafe Mate is for external use only.

Chafe Mate helps you avoid nipple and paddle rash.  Apply Chafe Mate to the groin and thighs to prevent rubbing from shorts.  Chafe Mate can be applied to clothing seams for extra protection.  

Stay longer, go harder, move further.

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